goobers eye blind

Soundtrack of the day: Neil Young, Third Eye Blind (!?), Prince.

Wow! It’s nice when the boss calls you in to work and you don’t have to wear the required uniform. It seemed i almost got more respect from the customers this way…I was a real person! I want to live. Hmmm, go figure. Anyways…i did get paid for 3 hours of work that took 1 hour. Getting paid a little over minimum wage to eat Goobers ain’t too bad. Actually it sucks, i need a real job…someone hire me! -i’ll pay you! ha!

You are still prolly contemplating the fact that i did listen to Third Eye Blind today. More so that i admitted it. And even MORE so, that i admitted it publically on a webpage! To tell you the truth i am really liking this second Third Eye Blind record. I know i shouldnt really like it…as too many 14 year old alterna-teens like it. But i have heard people think that i am a closet 14 year old girl. so it could be! anyways…i do enjoy it and have been all day.

Boston is in two days! I can’t wait. “A spendid time is guaranteed for all.” to quote the Beatles ever so nicely.

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