canary in a coalmine

So it’s official! I have poison ivy. yuckness. it’s all over my eye and neck. i have to stop playing in the garden! luckily i have an appointment tomorrow with the dermotologist who will hook me up with the dope meds. (no pun indended?!)

It is friday. yes, it sure is! my ‘rents are going to newton, ma for the weekend. have you all been there? great air, great water, great accents, great woods, great anchors on the news, great ponds, great city noise, great locals, great politics. i need to get there. next week sounds good.

Mat works part-time at Blockbuster Video, if you didn’t know already. today we got a letter from a customer sending in their late fee and the check enclosed was made out to “Greedy Bastards.” i love it! i laughed for a whole minute. wouldn’t you? people are funny and some smelly.

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