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Soundtrack for the workday: The Guess Who’s Greatest Hits, Jonathan Richman’s Breserkly Years, Sinéad O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra and Brian Eno’s Apollo.

The network admin is down here at work. And as i need to work on that to update my pages/work i have nothing to do right now…so i am posting here for you all! Gotta love this gig.

So i got to talk to a college (college #4) friend from where i went to school in the dirty south last night. Actually she didn’t go to the school, but her husband went to the school with me a few years before. She is doing great and it was wonderful to talk to her. But at the same time, when you are stuck in a college town it’s incredibly hard and virtually impossible to evolve, so it was a little sad. And it’s soooo awful hearing the stories of people going out each night and drinking themselves to a pulp. I used to say it was because there is nothing else to do in the south, but i got around fine with out acting like a silly person whose IQ was under 120. (relatively!- i did play in many of rock bands…so i guess i had an excuse!?) But whatever, it’s nothing off my back. They’re doing it to themselves. Drama gets lame really quickly. Even when you are not involved in it. Them…Us.

So, i recently have been getting in to Jonathan Richman’s music. He was sorta big in the Northeastern underground proto-punk/rock scene in the 70s. Similar to the Velvet Underground in NYC in the 70s. I never really knew anything about Jonathan Richman, except he was a Yankee and was on that History of Rock and Roll documentary PBS did years ago…anyways…it’s very cool, cos he is SOOOO pro-New England. He talks about the Turnpike, the T, and the Stop and Shops (a Yankee grocery store for those who are unaware).

I never wanted to be a “Northern Elitist.” But sometimes when you get put in certain positions you get to see the world in a different light. Then it all makes sense. But i never have to go back south again and it’s almost like in my mind the US ends after Virginia. I like my selective memory and how it works.

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