Fresh Pinneapple, Toast and Marmalde

Soundtrack of the past few days: Jonathan Richman, Brian Eno’s “Apollo,” Galaxie 500, Prince (circa 1978-80) & Minor Threat.

Enter mp3 section!!! Basically this is a section for Mat’s old hobby of taping people. Enquire within. Details included. Indulge. Submit your own as well.

In other news, Mat went with Jessie to DC to see the Galapagos Islands IMAX film. Tres good. Then we went to Georgetown to see if they had the Yellow Puma’s I was looking for last time I was there (with Zut!). But of course they didn’t have my size again, DAMMIT! Anyways…that was fun. Ate ice cream. Ran around the Metro like banshees. Well sorta…Gosh, I love the Metro

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  • “Its not easy being green.” a wise frog once said. Well, for once i can say, i identify with the damn frog. I mean, he had it all wrong dumping miss piggy, but the guy had to play the field, right?
    My question tonight is, when did it become a crime to be different? For my whole life i went against the grain. I ran around buck naked in my neighborhood as a child. I didn’t want to be a ballerina. I hated dressed. I wore my pants too high. I didn’t wear jeans for 10 years of my life. I don’t wear name brand clothes. I am not thin. I don’t want to be. And damn me to hell, but i am a nice person despite it all. I don’t judge people, i dont’ like racist jokes, i don’t use racial slurs, i talk to anyone and everyone, i do everything i can to my fullest potential, and i can count the number of people i consider firends on one hand. people can’t stand me. and they tell me. and i can’t stand that. i do my best to be a damn good member of society, and i just can’t be miss nice girl anymore. I like being nice. i like seeing peopel smile, but let’s face it. i won’t get far in life being nice. I have to be a bitch or i’ll get walked over. but then i get spited for being a bitch. well fuck it all if i can’t be nice without pissing people off and i can’t be mean without pissing people off. none of you know me, but if you did i would hope you would at least give me a chance before judging me and throwing me away. if any of you can think of how i can survive out there, please, respond to this diatribe.

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