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Nothing too interesting is up. I reworked some structure to the site. Little cosmetic entities. Did you notice? Work was cool today. There was little to do, which was fun, as i got to talk to Linnaea a lot about her rather dissapointing & upcoming move to Nashville. So ironic. But it will be a good spring board for her and more so: her band. There was also all this food in the right wing kitchen. Love free food. It was like college again when i heard the words “FREE FOOD.” It was like i hadnt seen food in a day or so.

There is not too much is planned for my weekend. This is to be my last weekend at the video store! Hurrah! I deserve two full days to myself, cos by the time i get home each weekday i am pretty exhausted to really get in to anything worthwhile. Shows excluded.

And i will prolly watch Alice in Wonderland tonite. Fun stuffs. Anyways…check this out. It’s my new NOT FOUND page. Comments?

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