Oscilliscope Trace

Well i got my Discovery Channel job offer! I am excited. Other than ironing out some specific details, (benefits, vacation, other gigs, etc.) i think it is a great opportunity, that will probably be accepting asap. The only bad aspect is no free parking. But taking the Metro will be no problem, as it’s only 2 measly stops for me. I will let you know next week my decision.

Have any of you seen the movie Ranging Bull? I started watching it last nite. Scorcese is quite the director. And DeNiro and Pesci work so great together as brothers. It’s uncanny. Also i think one of the mother’s in the Godfather appear in this movie as one of the mothers. Go figure! Isn’t it weird how that happens.

I know this may sound offensive, but what isn’t these days? I found this webpage entitled, The Racial Slur Database, and found this slur intriguing: Hebro. This slur (which i had never heard before) refers to a Black Jewish person. The slur combines the two words: Hebrew and Bro. I liked this one! Then i came accross Hoosier. This one refers to white redneck trailer trash, which basically sums up a lot of the people who i went to college with. No joke. Then i came across Seinfeld which translates to “Jew.” And according to the webpage, he is the most famous jew. Yuck man. That is pathetic and a disgrace to our people. I always thought jesus was the most famous jew! Oh well. Seinfeld/Jesus?! Maybe Seinfeld is Jesus? Or is he Jim Morrison? No wait. Val Kilmer is Jim Morrison, what was i thinking! Oh yeah, and you can view this page here.

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