maybe i’ll even leave the nudes of thess up there

experimental chicagoman (5k image)LyndaL71 (10:03:30 AM): you know what that means.
vibegrrrl (10:03:36 AM): what?
vibegrrrl (10:03:38 AM): he’s married?
vibegrrrl (10:03:41 AM): or a loser?
vibegrrrl (10:03:44 AM): j/k
LyndaL71 (10:04:05 AM): no
LyndaL71 (10:04:11 AM): old balls.
LyndaL71 (10:05:01 AM): nothin’ worse than old, hanging low balls.
LyndaL71 (10:05:38 AM): just in case you’ve never seen any
LyndaL71 (10:05:48 AM): i feel the need to warn you.

hey baby do you want to go with me?

I went to the doctor for a check up a few days ago. I think it had been over 3 years. And I had seen my pediatrician then. I shit you not. He gave me a few prescriptions for allergy medications. Finally…it’s been years since I even saw an allergist. I am just not big on taking meds unless totally necessary. Too many side effects. Too many cover ups. Too much shit in them. So my pollen/rag weed/dust allergies will be great this spring as well as me dealing with cats and then again I may die of a kidney failure the next day from complications with the meds.

On the way to Emily’s house last nite, I got out my old Phish mixes and my Lemonheads’ lovey/favorite spanish dishes/shame about ray cassette. It rules. Stove is the best song ever. And their cover of Step by Step is pretty much perfection. As far as a NKOTB cover. Or not. Maybe I am just on crack again. I need to clean my pipe.

favorite single digit number
27.5% :: 7
12.5% :: 9
12.5% :: 1
12.5% :: 5
10% :: 4
10% :: 6
10% :: 8
2.5% :: 2
2.5% :: 3

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