little silver ring

Soundtrack of the week: The T in Boston, Kira & Meisha, Zut’s voice, Jamiroquai, Talking Heads, Spirit of the 60s, Rolling Stones, David Bowie.

Mat is back from Boston. Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been in Boston/Peabody/Newton/Brookline this past week, having the time of my life. I got to go to the Boston Science Musuem to see “Sue” the T-Rex. Aint that funny! A dinosaur with a the name Sue. Funny man! I do believe it was the name of the digger person who found the bones somewhere. In addition, Mrs. Jennifer Pollack, took me to see the Linda McCartney photo exhibit in Worcester, Mass. Worcester is pronounced: “Wo-ster” Weird i tell you! Anyways, the exhibit was on the music of the 60s. She took fabulous pix of the Beatles, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, etc. Great stuff. The honey was swell. I need to get back to Boston. Love, among other entities, is calling. Soon enough.

Job update: I have an interview with the Discovery Channel this week! So time will tell. I am very excited for this and will keep you posted. Funny thing is that the woman who contacted me went to high school with me and played in the marching band with me. Go figure! She was a senior when i was a freshman. Small little world we live in, huh?!

Quoted??? Mat is famous…he was interviewed and quoted in a Washington Post article by Jen Chaney. The article was based on mix-tapes/mp3s/cd buying. Very interesting. Indulge here.

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