chutes and ladders…

Soundtrack of the day: Crayon, the Samples, Third Eye Blind, Jimi Hendrix, Frontier, James, & Portishead.

It was a decent day at work. I actually had things to do more than not. Go figure! I decided to leave work early because I had a headache. After going down thru the gates of hell (the escalator) at the metro station, I see my friend Jessie coming the other direction. Quite odd. Anyways, she took me home. It was fun. I don’t usually have fun after work. It was a nice change. Just like David Bowie.

There is a new section to olympus mons. It’s called Banda Obscura. There you will find bio’s/pictures/mp3s of strange/unheard/random bands. This edition has the kindercore-esque band CRAYON. Check it.

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