the soft dive of oblivion/third eye mat

Soundtrack of the day: Verve, Devo, Unrest, De La Soul, Pan Sonic, M. Doughty, Third Eye Blind (seriously!) Carole King, the Monkees & Mons.

Little news is going on… Although i did spend a lot of time tonite scanning in pictures from shows i went to that i took…M. Doughty, Soul Coughing, Trans Am, JSBX, Poster Children…enjoy! Enter that hoopla by clicking on PORTFOLIO above. Speaking of rock, i am missing Weezer right now…damn those ticketmaster scoundrels…karin and i are going to riot one of these days, and you are gonna be sorry!!

I just realized today that i get off work, on monday. I have to get used to all the working man’s holidays. I am sooooo ready to learn all about it! …And hopefully someone dear and special to me will pay a wonderous suprise visit!

That picture is also a memorable one (not to mention very flattering to my forcept veins!?) That picture was taken in NY in my cousin’s yard the night before i drove with the ‘rents to CT for my first college experience, the summer of 1995. Wow, speaking of prepositions… ?!?!!? …I would never be the same after that year of school. As much as i needed and wanted to get out of there, i still regret it. Why did i end up finishing my degree in the dirty south? Someone remind me?! Ack… Revolution!

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