why can’t a man stand alone?

J Mascis and his cool hatDaylight savings is wacked. I don’t really even know why we still use it. I believe we enstated it in the first place was to have to more daylight during the World Wars. But come on: It’s over and we now have the technology to fight 24 hours a day / 365 days of the year, just like Tower Records is open. And us sad people need our sunlight during the winter days. No? Hmmmm, I sure think so.

Last night I got to the Black Cat to see J. Mascis and the Fog with Karin and Mike around 8:30pm. There was a sign on the door stating that the “doors open” at 9:30pm which means we have to really have a long while to wait for J. Mascis to come out and rock me. So we go in and decided to hang in the “Red Room” which is a bar on the other side of the “rock” area.

We walk in to and see my Soul Coughing buds, Al and Zac. Al and Zac & I have never really met before, so at first I am kind of like “uh- hey guys but who the hell are you?!” Anyways…I shake their hands and they say, “this is Mike.” I sort of glance over the tape recorder and cell phone. I shake Mike’s hand and they ask if I have any questions to ask “Mike.” Then it quickly hits me that the ledgendary bassist Mike Watt just shook my hand. Silly me. So then trying to redeem my lack of indie-rock-ness, I proceed to ask him why he’s shaving while on tour. [Editors note: Whenever Mike Watt tours he never shaves, perhaps superstition, so by the end of the tour he’s just like a member from ZZ Top.] So he gives me some sort of answer, but I am totally not paying attention because I am thinking of all the implications of me just touching Mike Watt’s hand.

Honestly I am not a big Mike Watt fan, per se. I have heard the Minutemen and really like their quirky music, but never bought a CD. I know, I know, I will. So it was just stange because he is this huge icon in rock that never really was part of my life. But it was fun meeting him. And he is and has been a really fine bassist. In fact I just recall that I did see Mike Watt before playing bass with Perry Farrell with Porno for Pyros back in 1996 at the 9:30 Club.

Anyways, to make a long story short, the J. Mascis and the Fog show was trememdously loud. Obtrusively loud. J. had a full stack that reached the ceiling and then another guitar cabinet to the right of it. It was excessive. So much mucky-muck and so much lack of tone due to the unbearable loudness factor. And they also mic-ed the amps off through the PA, which was just SOOOO increbibly off the edge. There was something just not quite right about their “groove” – perhaps they really are just getting old. Perhaps it was just an off night. He did play some old school Dinosaur Jr. fodder, but not enough. Over all I was pretty disapointed. The last time I saw J. was in Northhampton, Mass in 1995 and it was in a little tiny club the size of a bathroom. Now that was a show. Those we also the days, but that is beside the point.

After the show Karin and Mike and I went back to Rockville to the new “Diner” which was dope, because the food there is really cool and the waiter gave us our drinks for free. Yeah!

I had this dream last night that Zut made me a mix tape that had all the new music I was getting in to these days. It was incredibly strange. And in the dream I was very confused. It was like I was confused as to who made the mix tape and how she was putting these songs there, etc. It did include a detailed letter explaining each song, which totally impressed me. Very odd as the fact that I rarely remember my dreams in the first place upon waking up. Go figure.

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