analogue tape biasing

mat and his feet circa october 2000Housekeeping. Look in the menu section above. To the right three are three icons. The first is the email icon. Then the IM icon. Then the chat icon. To chat you will need a version of AOL’s AIM. You can download that here. Most people are in the OM Chat room throuhout the work day and after dinner. Times being in the EST.

Today I got the letter in the mail about my high school reunion. Most people dread going to their high school reunion. I am actually quite looking forward to it. I am curious to see what happened to the jocks, the sluts, the nerds, the freaks, the rockers, the weirdos, the hermits, and the druggies. I am pretty sure most people are thinking that I am going to bring a “male friend” with me as I was the one who “wore the dresses to school.” When in fact I may have only done that once or twice. Granted I did wear tights and nail polish at times, but none the less wasn’t that because I was in a band?! It sure is funny what people remember about you.

Mons III is in the works now. I have tracked the beginings of the first song on my new record. For those of you who don’t know, I create music and soundscapes via music and sound inplementation. You can hear my work at I have finally also been able to record with my vocoder I build last season. It’s sounds beautiful. I even got to resolder new input jacks! Go me!

Tonight is J. Mascis with Mike Watt. Fun Fun! See you all later skater.

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  • very curious indeed! as my internet homepage opened up to MSN, I noticed that the story of the day is entitled “High school reunions: bummer or blast?”…hmmm…pretty happy that I’ll never have to endure such an event. I have to driving curiosity to find out what ever happened to the sluts, druggies, drama queens, jocks, nerds, or frieks. Good Luck and have lots of fun…maybe you should bring two boys.

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