iggy faust

mat and mom- n. miami beachSoundtrack of the Day: Iggy and the Stooges, Add N to X, Self, Dinosar Jr, U2, Poster Children, OVAL, Isotope 217, Faust, Sugar, Aphex Twin, & Jeff Buckley.

Today was a cracked-out-nutty-busy-ass day. I haven’t worked this hard and this much since I have started here at Discovery. It was strange to actually feel useful. It was never stressful, but I always had something coming my way. Semi-exciting. I just hope it does get worse. Damn the man. Wait, I sorta work for the man, don’t I.

So tonite I hung with the Addy. We went to the best French restaurant I have ever been to called ‘La Madalines.’ I love that place and they have the bestest chicken caesar salads. I also got a vegetable soup that I wish I had the appetite for more. Woo! Then we went to Tower Records and got some CDs and looked at all the dope magazines we only read and don’t buy. Love that gig.

Have you ever wished you were invisible. I have. I wonder if you would piss invisible. And would you flatulate a color? Hmmmm…

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  • now…

    is it just me, or does Mat look like Aphex Twin in the Windowlicker video in this picture??

    just messin

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