diary of a martyr

this is not my beautiful wifeSoundtrack of the day: The Dirges, Patti Smith, Deconstruction, Jane’s Addiction, to rococo rot, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, James, REM, Frontier, & Lou Reed.

Today Mom and I went to Bagel City. I got the regular of my “Bagelwhich Deluxe” which is a bagel (chocolate chip, in my case,) egg, salami, and cheese. Also comes with a potato pancake. For all you goys out there: These potato pancakes are to die for. Check out this place if ever in the DC area, and in the mood for a potato pancake.

Other than work, and building my studio not too much is going on. I started watching Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets. It’s really good, as all Scorsese films are. Harvey Keitel looked so young in 1973. Weird, I tell you.

Slou found this great link today. It’s called the “We all have an inner ‘Golden Girl.'” Very funny, or maybe I am delerious.
Check it out here. You can only guess what I was. Have a great rest of your Monday dearies.

4 Responses to “diary of a martyr”

  • I thought you were Dorothy! You’ve got your muf covering up crazy ol’ Rose. God bless those girls…I took the quiz…my inner crone is Sophia.

    Tonight on LifetimeTV they had an intimate portrait of Rue McLanahan (dunno how to spell her name), I think they are gunna do the golden girls through out the rest of week…not sure though. ANyhow, it’s on right after back-to-back episodes (6-7) at 7 p.m.

  • Was there ever an episode where Rue got herpes or some std. Cos she was always the token slut. anything like that ever happen, i just cant remember as i was a kid watching that show.

  • no, I don’t think so. There was a breast cancer scare, though. But Rue had had breast cancer in real life and so I wonder if that is why they did that particular show.

  • damnit, i am dorothy?! i was all gung-ho about being the slut one and no..i am the overbearing and bitchy dorothy..i demand i retest, i think it was the favorite dessert question..i should have chosen the left corner…


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