the freewheelin’ mat

fuck bestbuys

Soundtrack of the day: RUN DMC, Smashing Pumpkins, The Delta 72, James, swervedriver, SDRE, The Cure, Phish.

Today was a fun day indeed. Work was pretty decent today. A very steady flow of stuff going on inbetween meetings and whatnot. My boss was ill (not to be confused with illin’) and did not come to work which equated to me leaving when I was done with my work. I ended up going to Best Buys to get some CDs, as it was that time of the week. I picked up a Mouse on Mars “niun niggung”, REM “Document”, Joy Division “Permanant”, and this 3 Disc Set of Bob Dylan that included: “The Times They Are A Changin'” “The Freewhellin’ Bob Dylan” and “Another Side of Bob Dylan.” I really love the early Dylan. It’s shakey and nervous. And you know I love the nervous music.

But to top it off, the REM CD came up at $5.99 and the cashier forgot to scan the Mouse on Mars CD. We all know how incompetent Best Buy employees are. Not to mention how incredibly slow their cashiers are. So basically this made up for one of those many of days I had to sit in a line for 30 mins. So all in all it was a fab day. Chalk one up for Best Buys and their feeble employees.

Then I get home to find my James package came! I got my book that just came out only in the UK. And I did the deal where I got a dope T-Shirt that isn’t 400 times too big for me. I love it!

Last night was a dope one as well. I got to talk to Karin (old skool HS friend,) Benny (first college friend,) and Skippy (alma mater college friend.) Speaking with Karin is always the best. Cos she puts the obvious perspective on everything. Rock on with your bad-self Karin! Benny is just the man. We met at University of Hartford and were basically unseparable. I just found out recently that everyone thought we were lovers. Too funny! It must have been the nail polish. Benny now lives in San Francisco and is doing lovely. I sure do miss his ass (metephorically speaking, of course.) And finally I got to speak to Skippy. He is the only person I know that can hold the interest of conversation with me for more than 30 mins. He knows a butt load about music and audio and random political things that would blow your mind away…and mine for that matter. So props to Skippy who is almost out of the dirty south! As few friends as I have, I am really grateful for the dope-ass ones that still keep in touch with me and can deal with my longer than average hair.

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