fluffhead vs. mathead

Kate is a cool catSoundtrack of the day: Radiohead’s “KidA,” James, Smashing Pumpkins, Phish, Nico: Chelsea Girl, Yo La Tengo, Rodan, Led Zeppelin Box Set 2, The Byrds, Roger, Photek, Roni Size and Dead Jane Dead.

Yes I listened to the new Radiohead CD. Needless to say, I was less than impressed. To adapt from a Spinal Tap critic: On the day god created Radiohead, could they not have rested?! Not that I dislike Radiohead. Their first two records were incredibly potent and real records. (Pablo Honey and the Bends) But this new overly self-indulgent drudge is really awful and monotonous. They call it post-pop or post-rock. I call it posterior icky-ness. Radiohead’s first records were wonderful for it’s edginess and intense nervousness. The Bends still had some of that, but they played it off like they were confident. After that, it was completely lost and un-noticably predictable. Or maybe it’s just I that is predictable.

And yes, “Phish” was in my soundtrack of the day. It has happened. I am a proud member of the BMG Music Club. And I had a free selection due my way so I finally succumbed to the music of the jam rock favs. I really like this CD as much as I hate to admit it. Fuck the fans. These guys can really play. I have never heard such beautiful sustain on a guitar. It’s uncanny. I remember my first year in college getting massively stoned to songs like “The Divided Sky” and “Fluffhead.” Those we the days. Uh huh.

Props to the lady from Brisbane, Australia. She makes me smile. I don’t even really know her, but she made that image to the right. Word. Randomness makes the world go around. Or at least mine.

2 Responses to “fluffhead vs. mathead”

  • Dude –

    I love that picture from Kate!
    It rocks.


  • wow! I’m like famous or somethin’. I’ve been strutting round the house like i’m hot shit but it’ll pass. Cheers to you mat for being such a funky guy and making my day (it don’t take much:))
    I agree with all my heart and soul with the kid a thing, what a heap of pretentious wank…i guess i just don’t “get it”


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