goyim of love?

mat's eyesSoundtrack of the day: Television (live,) The Police, Seed, Run DMC, Sonic Youth, Roger, Prince, & Mazzive Attack.

Today was a silly day. I actually did more work than not today at Discovery Health. Bizzaro, huh?! It was cool, and since I was so over-worked today, my boss came by around 3pm and said I could take off for the weekend if I was done. And BAM! …was I ever done! I was right out the door to the Metro of love.

I got home and packaged up some packages that need to be mailed tomorrow. Can’t forget. Can’t forget. Can’t forget. Then I ate dinner and messed around with the OM BBS. This is something that you really should check out. It’s getting really active. Click on the last grey box above. Get your post on.

Tonight I went out with Karin and Mike. We got to see “Meet the Parents.” It was quite funny. There were sooooo many funny Jewish jokes in there and very few people in the packed audience laughed at a lot of them, which I think is odd, because we live in predominately over-average Jewish area. Lotsa goyim in the house, evidently! Tomorrow I plan to get coffee with the stankypants herself. Fun fun…have a fab weekend and stay out of trouble.

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