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green acres kenny- aka lou reedSoundtrack of the day: Midnight Oil, INXS, Billy Joel, Tortoise, Hope, Jesus Lizard, Prince, Christmas Tunage, & 60hz.

So it’s thursday. Happy Turkey Day. I am all about the Turkey. One thing I am not all about are those people that are all anti-turkey day. Get a life. Deal with it. Eat turkey and be happy!

Last night was fun. Karin, Bex and I all went for Thai food. It was good, but tasted just like takeout chinese food in a trendy neon-y atmosphere. The food was really shiney. Yum. I am hungry now. Then at the end I proceeded to tip the waitress, but evidently undertipped. Maybe I expect more out of people. Just because they bring you your food on time and smile, doesn’t mean you owe them a big tip. I think they should talk with you and make you laugh and maybe take their sock off and do a sock puppet skit. Then i’ll give them a good tip. Then we went to a place I can’t say, cos I might get someone in trouble. Bowling comes next. I didn’t play so hot. I am out of shape. It was fun seeing Karin and Bex as always.

So tonight is turkey night. I have been asked to come to my sister’s boyfriend’s mother’s house for dinner. I am so not about going there and shooting the shit with people I am forced to put a smile on for. Seems like a dull time to me. So we’ll see…

Here are some answering machine messages from my voice mail. You can leave one too and I may choose to stick your message up here. Make me laugh:: 1.877.536.7929 (it’s toll free too!)

icture from today’s post was my teacher from 8th grade on our trip to Disney World. Lou Reed anyone?!?!?!

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