put your hand inside the puppet head

Soundtrack of the day: The Make*Up, Bad Brains, U2, Rites of Spring, Flex Your Head compilation, Boston, JSBX, Nation of Ulysses! & They Might Be Giants (*gasp*)

Well I could rehash this weekend, but what would be the point?! J did a wonderful job. See below. But(t) in a few words: I had such a fab weekend. The best in a sickning long time. Again, see below for the details. Pictures are included for your pleasure. No nudes Addy, at least none for you.

Today it snowed. This is very cool. I went *outside* after lunch and I could smell that air. I could smell it was going to rain. Can you smell the snow before it falls?

Here is my horoscope for today…should I believe it?
Life may seem more beautiful and pleasurable than ever right now. You have the emotional support you need in partnership areas, especially if you’re planning a change of locale or a move. You could ask another person to do the advance work in setting up the right conditions for a change of venue. Some serious considerations are important to consider, however. Think about a change of friends and your personal sense of well-being.

So after work, as always on Monday, Mom and I went out for dinner. Tonight we went to “Money Mall” which is one of the malls near us. I saw this great hat with J in Georgetown in a window of J. Crew this weekend and wanted to pursue it. Dreadfully they didn’t have them where I went. We also looked at the hats in the GAP. There is this wonderful tobogan (ski hat) there (the GAP) that I so want, but for the reasons that be, I am not allowed to wear such a hat. The main reason being the color (baby blue) is not for a man. What an oppressed life I live. Us men need to revolution right now. Fuck this color segragation between the sexes. We are so ripped off. Why do the women get all the good colors and styles. Revolution!

This IM just in:
Dawsonism: question: what are lox?
mat: you serious?!
Dawsonism: …..yeah
Dawsonism: am i missing out on something?
mat: it’s an edible rock from deimos

4 Responses to “put your hand inside the puppet head”

  • Dude, if ya wanna baby blue cap, then dammit, get a baby blue cap!!! Get it with tassels, even! Sheesh! I say YOU start the revolution!

  • Ah ha! Jessica`s nefarious plan worked, as I see you have not-so-subtly included TMBG song titles in this entry! Muhuhaha!

  • dude, that hat wasn’t just blue.
    wasn’t it like a rainbow of pastel colors with a *huge* pompom on top. the proportions just didn’t look right, nor did the colors.
    and if you really really want it, get it.

  • there aint nothing wrong with a baby blue hat man. its a friggin staple

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