ooga booga jupiter

whom vs. whoSoundtrack of the day: Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses, Make*Up, Superchunk, Tortoise, Lou Reed, Metro Red Line, Jesus Jones, & the Beach Boys.

Last night after work the Moms and I went to the local music store. I needed another keyboard stand so I could bust it up like those Chemical Sisters do. Shopping with the Moms is a good thing, be it, for some reason she likes to pay the bill. I can’t complain, but at the same time there is something about buying something yourself that makes whatever you buy that much more special. So after shopping we met up with the Pops at Bagel City. I get my Bagelwich on a chocolate chip bagel. The Bagelwich is a bagel with a scrambled egg, cheese and salami. You also get a potato latke, which is a potato pancake for those of you out of the loop. It’s devine, none the less. If ever in the Rockville area, be sure to check out Bagel City on the Pike.

After all that hoopla, not going to the Sea and Cake with Kim, and putzing around on the computer, I get a call from Addy. We go to the new diner that he keeps calling what is known as the old diner. I soon tell him that although most diners do look similar, they all don’t have the same name. I think by the end of the night he took it to heart. What is up with ladies hanging out at a bar in a diner? Can you say SKETCH!

This morning I started writing another “song.” I am not sure what it is about Saturday mornings, but there is something about them and the coldness that accompanies them that make them very creative for me. Enter Monkey Toes.

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