throwing things

Soundtrack of the day: Superchunk’s no pocket for kitty, Plaid’s rest proof clockwork, Kraftwerk’s the mix, James’ wah wah, Prince’s diamonds and pearls, Underworld’s, second toughest in the infants, Trans Am’s red line, & Unrest’s perfect teeth.

So after leaving work yesterday at 3pm (yes, it’s been REALLY busy lately,) I decided to check out Best Buy and get a new scanner. The one I had before was a parallel printer one. Or at least it connected to HAL9000 through a printer port. That equated to a big mess. So I sold out to the man and got a USB one. Now it’s mega fast and you’ll be seeing more and more baby pictures of me. You have been forewarned.

The Sea and Cake is this weekend. Johnny Machine plays drums for them. He is in Tortoise and played on Poster Children’s tool of the man (Feets: I am serious- I kid you not?!) Needless to say I am a big fan of all the stuff Mr Johnny Machine does. If in the DC area this friday, try and make it to the 930 Club to check out this drummer. Yum!

Housekeeping. Be sure to order your OM Merchandise soon. It makes wonderful Christmas and Channukah gifts for you and your pets. Also click on Mat/Opus above to see last week’s Philly pics.

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