she brings the rain

crazy woman- link to where i workSoundtrack of the day: Prince’s Come, Can’s Anthology, JSBX’s xtra acme, Cibo Matto’s Viva! La Woman, The Bealtes, Summercamp’s pure juice, REM’s document, & James’ millionaires. Woah. Same as yesterday. I know something was weird!

OK. So that woman to the right is in the catalog and webpage I work on at DiscoveryHealth. She has always struck me as being a little insane. Or perhaps a little excited about whatever she is doing. Any comments on what she is even doing?!

Today they had free food in the kitchen. Deli meat sandwiches and potato salads, sodas and cookies. These are the reasons I come in to work. My ideal job would have a huge pot of Matzoh Ball soup. Yum!

2 Responses to “she brings the rain”

  • I think she’s happy because she can still lift her foot above her ankle, which is hard in the ninth month.

  • Her new craving has here running out to the store in a crazed frenzy due to the over-production of mama hormones. Strawberry icecream and pickles…yumm

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