don’t bite my nose

mat and jess: thanks caco!Soundtrack of the weekend: Philly/a little South Jersey

So this weekend was my Philadelphia weekend with Jessie and Jessica.

For future reference: Jessie = high school peep / Jessica = soul coughing peep with whom I met a few years ago (also an OM Staff Writer)

Friday Nov 10
Typical day at work. I got home to a message on the machine from my friend Sebastian. So we talked for a little while about the new projects he was getting in to. We talked about NYC. We talked about drugs. It was nice hearing from him as it’s been a while since we got to shoot the shit.

Saturday Nov 11: Mid-day
I gassed up/banked up and hit the road to Havertown, PA to see Jessie. Yeah! It was super smooth riding. I love me some 95 North. For some reason I was expecting to get super lost, perhaps it’s in my nature of horrible navigation skills. Jessie was more than over par on her directions unlike other people I know from my area. (coughalcough) So needless to say, getting there was a jiffy.

Saturday Nov 11: 3pm
I find her apartment and notice the fire house next door. I think to myself, “Wow, if there is a fire here, we are set!” We chill for a little bit and then decide our tape worms need a feeding and head about to this place Jessie called a ‘Jewish Diner.’ When we go there there wasn’t even Matzoh ball soup. So then I realized I misunderstood her saying that really only a lot of Jewish ladies come here (insert: Yenta.)

Saturday Nov 11: Dinner Time
We go bowling…There is something about bowling I love. I am so not a Sporty Spice kind of person, but bowling just does it for me. I scored alright for having not played in a long while. I did kick Jessie’s booty.

Saturday Nov 11: Later that night
We decide to watch “Return to Oz” – Wow. What a bizzare and demented movie. But needless to say, I really liked it. Wheelers!! Eeeek. Then I get a call from the Jessica. We think to meet up but decide on just meeting up on sunday as it deems easier.

Saturday Nov 11: During the 11 O’Clock News
Somewhere before the news of the “no right on red” in Philly and the sports news I must have dozed off. We didn’t even make it to Saturday Night Live. We are getting old. Not as old as some people I know that are getting “knock knocks” from AARP. You know who you are, and I love you all. Smooches. Yeah, so I am a really light sleeper and as it was mega-windy this weekend the windows clanked all night and sort of kept me up. Not to mention the fact that Jessie seems to like to do the “running man” and the “pummel mat’s ass” in her sleep. It was cute until she kneed me in my ‘nads. Oh, why am I so forgiving!? Then at like 8am, I hear the bomb warning. But wait. We’re not at war. Oh yeah, we are sleeping next to the damn fire house. Ah ha. Dammit. I then proceed to get Jessie back and pummel her back (for last nite) with a nice dose of her many colorful pillows. Ha ha!

Sunday Nov 12: Mid-day
I get in the Buick and head for South Jersey to meet up with Jessica. (Note: not Jessie- now that would be weird!) I get copious directions from the Jessie so I make wonderful time…Love me some 88 miles per hour. I want to go back to the future. I am almost done with my Flux Capacitor. Almost. 1.21 Gigawatts!!!

Sunday Nov 12: A little after mid-day
Jessica and I meet up and fill the CD changer. We then head to Philly. Woo! Philly was great. South Street reminded me of a less spread out Georgetown. It also had that vibe that it was even that much more cool, back in the day. Say, late 80s. Georgetown in DC had the same problem. Once Urban Outshitters came to the Georgetown it was all trendy crud and it spread like crotch rot. At least we still have the Pleasure Chest and all the CD stores in College Park, right? So we end up at the Philly Deli on South Street. We get a super dope waiter and hooks me up with almost as good as Mat’s mom’s Matzoh Ball soup. It was really good. Impressed, Mat was. Jessica and I snoop around a couple clothing stores looking for some new threads. Weird that neither of us picked up anything. Next time, perhaps. We also looked for CDs and the such and had little luck. Could be that time of the year. After the shopping we went to a little coffee shop and watched this wacky man play with this boxed Cabbage Patch Kid head. Yup, I kid you not. It was funny. In fact the people walking by watching them with the head was just as funny if not more funny. After Jessica waited like 15 minutes for the bathroom key she comes back and I enjoy my green tea and her apple-mocha-chino-frappio-cappo.

Sunday Nov 12: it’s dark outside
We sit in the parking lot for a while and sing along to LL Cool J. Some winks were exchanged and then we head back to South Jersey. We get back to my Buick sitting outside her house and I get some directions back home. It is super easy to get back. I can do it from memory. At least minus the burb-y stuff. Go mat!

So as always, it was great seeing the Jessie Belle. Good and honest friends are hard to come by. She’s one that has stuck with me through the really nastily thick and thin. Yeah Jessie! And it was super cool seeing the Jessica. Nothing is cooler that cute little hiccups and dope-ass soundtracks in a stickshift Ford. A splendid time is (and was) guaranteed for all.

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