secrets are so *fun*

mat as photographed by the Karin with bras!Well, as some of you may know we did a little Secret Santa thing this winter. And me being the Jew, we never really did that in Israel growing up. I mean we made Potato Latkes and what not…never Secret Santas. But what fun it is!

I got my package today! It was postmarked from some strange Virginia city?! Hmmmmm…Regardless, here were the contents in no particular order:

  1. Crispy M&Ms (yum! and my fav)
  2. A Card for a Free 6″ sub at Subway (double yum!)
  3. A Princess Crown (cos we all know i am a princess deep down- and yes, Addy, you can borrow it next weekend)
  4. Silver packing stuff (love me some silver anything)
  5. Packing stuff hand cut out like Dreidels! (mad props!)
  6. And the kicker here were green, orange and magenta TOE SOCKS!!! Word. Make that a mega Word!

In other news I left work early (uh, go figure) to pick up my car at the gas station. The bill was nearly $200. I knew something pink was leaking and the engine had been a little wacky lately, but I thought it was from the cold! Damn that shite. At least it’s fixed now and I won’t worry anymore when I travel to NYC. Hope everyone is ready for this New Years things? Any resolutions? I save mine for the spring. That is more of my new year. The trees blooming is a rebirth for me. Damn the man, trying bringing me down yet another way.

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