mat via karin

mat as photographed by the Karin!Soundtrack of the day: Lots of James non-LP songs.

So it’s supposed to snow this weekend! Very dope! Tonight Karin is coming in from the Baltimore. So we will get dinner somewhere dope. Then I think Lara will be meeting us for dessert. Maybe a movie…I saw Castaway…and liked it. Nothing was better than Mr Hanks yelling at a Volleyball. I wished there were more boobies in it. Other than Mr Hanks of course. Jessica is coming in this weekend! So I think the Awapy, her and I will check out the Dismemberment Plan tomorrow at the Black Cat. We need to get our Plan on. And so do you!

That picture to the right was taken in late High School times. Karin took it after a day of thrift store shopping, I would presume. Oh the days before the drugs! Hehe. So I am listening to this James ‘ song and the line I swear is, “Sheeeeeeeeee’s so hoooooooorny!” But that just can’t be. But maybe it is. Maybe I just want it to be that…anyways.

And from the lovely words of the Addy:
People ask me all the time, “Addy, you’re not religious, you’re more atheist than Bence is ugly, why do you celebrate Christmas”. Well, the truth of the matter is, I don’t celebrate “Christmas”, I celebrate “Xmas”. I’m not religious, I don’t care about the theologian meaning behind “Christmas”, for me “Xmas” is a time of year to give something to the people in your life that mean something to you. Just one day of the year, where people take the time to give something to someone that means something to them and there’s no need to have any religious meaning in that at all. Why must everything be Jesusfied? I think next year, instead of celebrating Jesus’s birthday, I’ll celebrate the Tooth Fairy’s wedding anniversary.

Sometimes Addy can be quite insightful. Other days, he’s just a plain old goyish asshole.

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