‘cross the breeze

oh help me!Pi Ginzen: daniel?
thebobgreene: who?
Pi Ginzen: yo?
thebobgreene: what up?
Pi Ginzen: bette midler?!
Pi Ginzen: hehehe
thebobgreene: ha! dee snider SO looks like bette….
Pi Ginzen: hehehe
Pi Ginzen: it’s the hair!
thebobgreene: i think it’s the hairy chest…
Pi Ginzen: hahahaha
Pi Ginzen: only you’d know!
thebobgreene: it’s a part of my life i don’t like to talk about.
thebobgreene: i’m not proud of my past…
Pi Ginzen: haha
Pi Ginzen: me too with bobcat
Pi Ginzen: a part of my life i keep quiet
thebobgreene: bobcat goldthwait?
Pi Ginzen: yup
thebobgreene: hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha
thebobgreene: you need help, yo…
Pi Ginzen: haha
Pi Ginzen: we used to date!
Pi Ginzen: you prolly dated him too, he got around
thebobgreene: umm, i don’t, ummmm, know what yer talkin’ about, ummmmmm, yeah..

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