three favorite activities

thanks jessica for the postcard!Soundtrack of the day: 2 Skinnee J’s, Stevie Wonder, Regurgitator (thanks Kate), Beach Boys, Counting Crows, Jimi Hendrix, u2 and some Lake Trout CD the label sent me.

Today at work two peeps came over to my desk saying that they heard (and dug) my CD on MP3 dot com. (FYI: That shit totally fucking made my day! Then we got in to talking all about keyboards and computers and electronic music. It was cool. It was all geeky, like in high school when you meet someone new. There were lots of “ya’ know…” It was funny because I have seen these people around work all the time but we rarely chat. Who knows…once I quit, I’ll prolly never see them again. Oh well.

Tonight was a typical Thursday night. I watched Millionaires and then I watched a movie. Tonite I watched “Loser.” It was mega-cute and made me realize how much damn fun I had in college. Regardless, I recommend all people should try college. I hear, at least from Addy, that they have lots of three-ways there. I never had one in college. But supposedly you get them there! But wait! It’s a scam. Because Addy never went to college! Don’t tell AOL! It all comes down to music taste and my taste so supersedes his, therefore I rock and I salute you, Addy. Nice haircut!

Tomorrow is the “Friday Before Christmas,” so it’s a half day at work. Since more than 85% of the people are probably not going in anyways, I decided to “Work from Home” tomorrow. Basically that means I get to work from home for a half day and I get paid for a full day. As John Cougar (Mellancamp) once said, “Ain’t that America?”

In other news, I have found out what my three favorite activities are, besides music, kissing, eating and sleeping. These things are:

1) Diners
2) Used Record Stores
3) Thrift Shops

What more could a semi-suburban man want?

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