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roswell: jesse marcel 1947Soundtrack of the day: Flaming lips’ hit to death in the future head, Isotope 217’s the unstable molecule, Dave Matthew’s Band’s crash, Led Zeppelin’s Box Set disc 3/4, Tortoise’s tnt, Phish’s junta & The Nation of Ulysses’ plays pretty for baby.

Tonight I went out with Awapy to the diner for some grub. Yum Yum. She goes to school in Miami. It’s the south there but not really. You know how it is. There we both saw our high school Bio teacher. It was wacky. He always thought I was some pot-head then in high school. I guess everyone did. Maybe it was because I listened to Jane’s Addiction and wore tights? Maybe it was because I took latin. Quamquam cicada fere pulsabat, formica ianuam non aperiebat. And now I meet up with my old teacher, almost a decade later. Weird, huh? It sure was for me. Oh, how the times have-a-changed. Then Awapy and I watched a movie and forgot about going to the book store. Dammit. We didn’t make it to that coffee place either. Ooops. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow Zander and Tootsie are coming in from Baltimore and New Jersey respectively. Yeah! Slumber party at Awapy’s house. They always said after you graduate college you can’t have slumber parties. I say fuck that shit! That is about it for now. Remember my words of wisdom: fuck that shit!

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  • what was that guys name? he was the best bio teacher ever. remember the poor fetal pigs we had to disect? mr. sanderson? that was it wasn’t it? he was a nice guy, thought I was into all that too, still helped me and a few other people out of some jams. rock on rockville.

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