autopsy of the devil’s brain

mat says fuck offSoundtrack of the day: Led Zeppelin Box Sex I, Flaming Lips’ hit to death in the future head, Elvis Costello’s my aim is true, Bob Mould’s black sheets of rain, The Sea and Cake’s s/t, & The Wallflowers’ bringing down the horse.

Today has been dubbed Led Zeppelin Day. Not sure why. It’s that time of the year to re-hash (no pun intended) old music that really rocks. Yes, it is from the 70s. But a lot of it was from the late 60s. So there! I still love me some Bonham. Oh wait, I forgot, aren’t drummers “a dime a dozen.” Oh yeah, and so are bassists. Oh well, Bonham sucks man. Don’t believe the hype.

I am also looking for a new job. I am so incredibly sick of the internet/web development/design gigs. It’s so incredibly trendy and really is such a transient “slap bracelet” field. I don’t dig it at all. Even the designer people bug me. Not as much as accountants or those drama/acting people from high school who listened to a few too many They Might Be Giants records, but still. Icky. They are all so silly and take it a little too seriously. I want to work for a record label, so I can pretend to be pretentious there. Oh wait, I am pretentious. Dammit. If anyone is reading this who works at a record label, please contact me. My email is m at olympus-mons dot com. I want to work with you! I got the skills to pay the bills. However if you say “network” or “html” or “will those colors blend with the web graphics interface” or “100k” or “let’s put a javascript on that one” or “do you know flash?” I will hunt you down and eat you for breakfast.

My friend Awapy is back home in MD. She goes to school in Miami. It’s weird still having friends in school. I mean I just graduated, less than a year ago, but still. All the people I work with graduated years ago and all the people I hang out with are much older than me. Wait. I don’t hang out with anyone. Scratch that. Regardless I get to hang with Awapy this weekend. Looking forward to that. Hopefully her luv connection will happen in a good way. Crossing fingers and toez.

Things I like

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Chocolate
  3. Good bridges in songs
  4. GI Joe
  5. Clean Glasses
  6. Tasty Desert Trays
  7. When Jessica hiccups
  8. Driving
  9. Transient Harmonic Distortion
  10. Hats
  11. Boxers

Things I don’t like

1. Upset tummies
2. People who don’t take care of their vinyl or CDs
3. People who don’t get it
4. People who don’t see the importance of vinyl
5. Wanna-be actors
6. People
7. That bitter windy cold
8. Kristen stressing about anything
9. Kvetching

3 Responses to “autopsy of the devil’s brain”

  • death to design.

    find me a job too.


  • i’m am awapy. i am a kid. i would say that mat and i are good friends. I also know i am one of his younger friends. I have one thing to say… i have no idea what he is going through. I am a very sheltered girl. what’s sad is i am not nearly as sheltered as most of the kids i go to school with. Its not that i want to be sheltered, but i grew up in montgomery county maryland in an affluent area. i hate it. i mean i like that i have been given the opportunities i have been but i wish i had more to offer. I see mat struggling with the facts of life, ya know, the life that exists in that “Real World” old people tell young people about all the time. I want to be able to help but i can’t. I have no idea what its like. it doesn’t make sense that someone as talented as mat has to look for a job that should be looking for him. It sucks that someone who deserves to be stress free is mega stressed. It sucks that the weekend that is supposed to be mega fun has been making him even more stressed. anyway. the fact is, i may be “just a kid” and not in that real world, but i have stresses too. I have work to do and friends to juggle and i am supposed to be finding myself. Well, i may be just a kid, but we kids and you adults have more in common than you may think. so just realize that we can help you. we can offer advice. we want to help. just ask.

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