mike’s diner in astoria

kristen & mat are so hardcore!Soundtrack of the weekend: The Police, A Minor Forest, Poster Children, PJ Harvey, Prince, Jesus and Mary Chain, Elvis Costello (The real king) The Sea and Cake, & Kristen saying “I so have a computer!”

Well NYC trip was an interesting one to say the least. I made it to NJ in mega fast time. Then getting to the city was cool. It also didn’t take five hours and copious phone calls and pass arounds from all of K’s friends to get us in to Astoria. We so rocked it this time.


  1. Kristen’s happy face with her computer.
  2. Jessica getting ready to leave.
  3. Chinese food.
  4. The showers.
  5. Miranda making me laugh.
  6. Samantha calling me “Mike” – not really a highlight nor interesting, but semi-bizzare.
  7. Me calling her Samantha.
  8. Mike’s Diner in Astoria.
  9. Pretending to play Pool.
  10. Jewish jokes.
  11. That man with the dope-ass pants who beat the turkey with a Louisville slugger.
  12. The crazy man in the subway who thought I only needed one of my women.
  13. Boy, was he mistaken, for the time being.
  14. Two words: Roadstops!
  15. Mike’s Diner in Astoria.


  • The bar that sucked.
  • The restaurant that didn’t know what Honey Mustard salad dressing was.
  • That guy who went on after the turkey man- John Barry or something: not really an unhighlight, although that would be quite cliche. he just wasn’t what i expected. All hail turkey dude.

    P.S. Click on the pic to see more pictures.

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    • Thanks to Mat for the highlight.

      I would just like to add vainly (probably in both senses of the word) that those pics of me for OM Fest NYC II really misrepresent how cute I actually am. ‘Tis no one’s fault but the camera’s.

      Thank you.

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