man tape recording his daughterSoundtrack of the day: The Sea and Cake, Stevie Wonder, Van Halen, Saul Kaufman, Jesus Jones, Nabukazu Takamura, Modest Mouse, Verve, Frank Zappa & John Lennon.

After leaving work and heading down in to the depths of the metro, I see this round man with his smaller friend waving dramatically in my direction. In fact, it turns out he is waving at little ol’ me. But why, you ask? His voice echoes through the vast metro tunnels, “Hey, you work at Blockbuster!!!” In my mind I shake my head and whisper, “Used to work at Blockbuster. Past tense buddy.” But, alas, I placate the man and his friend he may have been trying to impress by knowing the local (ex-)Blockbuster employee by shaking my head yes. He then replies with two thumbs up and a giant grin. All this and in a matter of 2 seconds and we’re still walking. I glide down the second elevator and hop on the red line to Shady Grove. ::Doors Closing::

This weekend is UV Ray in NYC! I get to chill with Kristen, Jessica and all the old school Soul Coughing peeps! Peep on! And if in the NYC area on Saturday, be sure to check out the Tonic (107 Norfolk Street) at 10pm. You will be impressed.

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