those were the ones you specified me put there

who the fuck are you to say that - britney (15k image)Five items you have brand loyalty to:
+ nikon
+ musical fidelity
+ dunhill
+ anything organic, non msg, or vegetarian
+ roland / sierra software (tie)

Five phrases you use:
+ “dope”
+ “copious amounts of…”
+ “dude”
+ “no.”
+ “what are you talking about?” / “fuck off” (tie)

Five snacks you enjoy:
+ planter’s trail mix
+ kit kat bites
+ whatchamacalits
+ odwalla’s chocolate future shakes
+ soft pretzles with ketsup

Five songs you know the words to, even w/out the music:
+ lester piggott – james
+ ted just admit it – jane’s addiction
+ 867-5309 jenny jenny – tommy tutone
+ shelter from the storm – bob dylan
+ what goes on – the velvet underground

Five games that you like:
+ seeing how right-on my first impressions are
+ trivial pursuit
+ music trivia with friends
+ and now, new york time’s sunday crossword puzzle

Five albums that changed your life:
+ jane’s addiction – nothing’s shocking
+ soul coughing – ruby vroom / the flaming lips – zaireeka (tie)
+ the beatles – magical mystery tour
+ brian eno – apollo: atmospheres & soundtracks
+ the velvet underground – peel slowly and see

Five things you can’t live without:
+ the ring around my necklace/the necklace/father’s dogtags
+ a camera
+ roland juno 106
+ pristine grammar
+ sound

Five good things to touch:
+ velvet
+ puppies
+ flannel sheets
+ faux fur
+ emily

Five things you’d buy with one thousand dollars:
+ start payment for a vw passat
+ somewhere far far away w/ beach
+ i’d give some to someone who really needed it
+ nikon d100
+ shopping spree at “other music” in nyc

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