light it up

Today was my first day at DC101-FM. It rocked…when i finally got to the station at 11am (prior to that i was in rockville doing hiring stuff, benefits, etc) there was this meeting for all the DJs…of course food was provided. I like that…food es muy rockin’. Then we spent until 3pm getting my computer up and running and and on the network and learning the trials and tribulations of DC101. I met the intern too. She’s 16 and her name is Skelator. Rock! That is neat. I am waiting for my nickname. My monitor was too small. I asked for a 17 inch monitor. They go in to the old GM’s (General Manager) room and switch it with the 15″ they gave me originally. “But he’s the new internet guy!!!” were the famous words of the day. Apparently I have had a few people waiting for me. Alas. Then I asked to go to the Caps game on Thursday cos there was this promotion for it. “Of course, here are two tickets!” Doh! Love it…Then they gave me the DC101-Threads (or clothes)…like a fleece jacket, a gas station shirt, a tshirt and a sweater. But they were all LARGE so i asked if they had SMALL. “No Problem, we’ll special order them and they’ll be waiting for you tomorrow morning!” Here is the welcome letter I got from the GM (notice the second line) :

light it up, dc101

I had ribs for dinner. Rough life. I’d ask for a vacation, but i’ve had one at Discovery Channel for 6 months.

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  • As long as you get to make lovers rock, get your advice from the advertising world, and tell your mama and your papa about revolution rock, everything`ll be OK.

  • Two tickets for the Caps game on Thursday? Ehem, didn’t someone just treat you to a Caps game last week? Yes, I think so… who could that have been? Who in the kindness of their heart could have treated their dear friend Mat to a hockey game just 5 days ago?

    Oh yes, why it was ME!

  • elliott was talking about you this morning…..


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