Metro Green Line

dont eat the hair snow!Last nite was “dude’s night.” I went out with Addy, The Hair, and Mr. MP3s rules but i can’t order CDs from because there is a chance that I may get a scratched one boy. It was the Washington Capitols vs. some Florida team. And it only took one period to realize the red team wasn’t the Capitols! I love sports! But in reality hockey is my favorite. Dino Cicerelli man! Hehehe…my good friend actually crashed a Bar Mitzvah party that he was at! Now that is cool!

On the way back home on the Metro Green Line, we sat down close to the door. We both were both talking about programming or some yuppie talk, like cell phones or AIM, when this crew of women and one man come on our train and look a little lost. They were thinking “should we take this train or the next?” One of them was maybe 6foot 3inches and decided to gyrate around one of the poles in front of us. Another had really large boobies but seemed to have a gruffy voice. Weird. (S)he came up to me and grabs my necklace and asks what it is. As she is “looking” at my necklace (s)he begins to press her boobies in my face. And every man knows how amazing this can be! But from a over-sized boobie-clad person with a gruffy voice, it’s a little disconcerting. Addy, on the other hand had turned to a nice shade of blood red by now. He doesn’t take too well to afro-American transvestites who grope his friends. And it didn’t stop! Once “they” knew we were on to them she, the one grabbing my necklace, proceeded to show it to Addy to smush her boobies more in my face. As they were leaving the train the only real male (real male meaning he had a 95% chance of having wang) with them turned back to us, shook his head and mumbled the word “animals”. Ack! What is the deal with transvestites in DC loving my necklace!

But before that little ditty we all had a fab time. Not that getting boobies in my face was not a fab time. I guess it’s just more competition for the lady! Har Har…We all got to be the dudes we are. We got to shout “you fucking pansy!” to the hockey player that messed up. We got to sing along to the classic rock they played over the PA system while Addy looked at us confused as he only listens to girly indie rock and obscure electronic music. We got to talk about stereos systems. I got to complain about the quality of MP3s and the boy got to oogle over them. I only gave him that it’s mega convenient if you had a car stereo that played MP3s and you were traveling more than 5 hours. He didn’t understand what signal-to-noise ratios were, so I didn’t press it with him…I guess ignorance is bliss, or so they say.

So I also came to the conclusion that I need to get out more. Going out last night was mega fun. Hanging with the Hair and Addy was eventful. It sure was better than just sitting at home. I found someone who has cooler hair than myself when cut short! The Hair’s hair rocks and I now understand why they call him, “The Hair!” The Hair rules. Too bad his lady smells like feet. I bet with hair like that he could find some other girl with a higher caliber smell. Maybe like an acorn or green beans. This boy needs to move up in the smells of life…

Tomorrow is my last day at Discovery Health Channel. Yeah! I can’t wait to get out of here and start doing more fun work. Yesterday I helped the President of Discovery Health install Netscape 6.0. #1: Can you believe he was installing Netscape & #2: Can you believe he was installing Netscape. Regardless, I fixed it. Well, actually I only showed him where he downloaded it to, then double clicked it. Damn, I am sooooooooo good with computers. This was something that a 3rd grader could have figured out these days. I am amazed at the inept-factor of such high class executives. Thank god I am going to be in the radio industry within days again. Wish me luck!

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