i wanna be adored

mom measuringNewly acquired musical media: the stone roses s/t, knoxville girls (in the red records w/ bob bert on drums), the nerves s/t, brian eno/david byrne my like in the bush of ghosts, roger daltry parting should be painless, mecca modega, & tiffany s/t.

This past weekend was a fun filled one. Friday night the ‘rents took me out for my birthday dinner. We went to La Madeline’s. Yum. No one else can make a Caesar Salad better. It’s no question. Weekend pictures can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right. I even made a little video too!

What is up with all this inauguration crud. Sometimes living in DC is a burden. But just sometimes. Most politics bore me to death. So living in DC is a little ironic, huh?! I am so incredibly sick of hearing about this inauguration stuff. One cop for every six feet. This is a little ludicrous. And my fucking tax money is going to pay for this. Incredible! And now to top it off, there are all these protesters. What is the point? You people need to get a life. Why not do something productive? Protesting now will do nothing. We are stuck with this goon for 4 years. Deal with it, or move to the land of Canada. There are so many other wonderful and productive things you can do with yourself than protest something you have little or no control over. Get a life.

Sometimes I hate the fact that I listen to music the way I do. There are so many great bands that I can’t get into because there was some ex-girlfriend from my past that loved that band. So there was this evil girl who liked this band, and therefore I equate that band with that evil girl, and vice versa. I recently said “you can suck it” to that idea thanks to the wonderful words of Kristen. There was this girl in High School I dated who liked the Stone Roses and I never could like them nor buy their CD because she liked them. So that shite is over. They rock and I like them cos I do! Fuck her!

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  • well, this weekend i plan to find myself at that protest. thank you for pointing out once again that the american public can’t make a difference. are you saying that because we can’t we shouldn’t even try? i think its sad that the majority of a country can’t do anything. the election has been stolen and its proven that the system doesn’t work and we CAN’T do anything about it. so while everyone goes out to show support for this embicile (i think you should be more worried about your taxes going towards these overblown celebrations), we will go out and show that we are sick of a government that does not speak for the people. not to mention, a government that we “cannot” change.


  • waterfall is the sweetest song

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