fuck mike tyson

uh (9k image)I had to get up early this morning cos someone was coming in to the studio, and I had to take pictures. Last nite i took some tylenol pm to get me to sleep. I went to bed too late though, so I woke up with the effects of the sleeping part of the tylenol. Just a little groggy today. So dont fuck with me. Cos i’ll fuck back. I was happy that Andy Richter talked about Cabin Boy, cos i was a big fan of that movie. He was funny. And taller than expected.

He was no Ben Folds Five.

And on my way out I saw a book i wanted on Flounder’s desk. It’s called “Respect: Women and Popular Music” by Dorothy Marcic who actually taught at Vanderbilt. Go figure…cant wait to crack this book open.

Bannds/Shows that are coming I need to see
+ Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock (Zoo – 15march)
+ Nashville Pussy (930 – 16march)
+ The Eels (930 – 22march)
+ Midnight Oil (930 – 27march)
+ Herbie Hancock with The New Deal (930 – 28march)
+ Prince (Warner Theatre – 28march)
+ Prince (Warner Theatre – 30march)
+ Plaid & Nabukazu Takemura (black cat- 31march)
+ White Stripes (930 – 01april)
+ 2 Skinnee J’s (930 – 04april)
+ The Kids in the Hall (Constitution Hall – 10april)
+ Guided by Voices (Recher – 13april)
+ Bob Mould (930 – 17april)
+ Motorhead (Nation – 19april)
+ Poster Children (Black Cat – 21april)
+ JSBX (930 – 25april)
+ Soulive (930 – 28april)

Happy Birthday Re-Run!

new lomo shots!

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