i can’t explain

vanilla with a nineSo this morning on the way to work I was listening to “Elliot in the Morning” which is DC101’s drive to work morning show. This morning they had some baseball player and his fiance on which was boring. But the kicker here was Vanilla Ice came on after. He is doing a tour again and wanted to promote it. He is playing at JAXX two nights in a row. You got to give him props for selling out one night club, but two!!! That is pretty rock.

People gave that man a lot of flack. But in this interview it turns out he was “manipulated by the record industry like a hand puppet.” Go Vanilla with the metaphors! Seriously though, that very well could be as it happens all the time. I actually felt sympathy for this man. Well, ok, not really, but maybe a little. Back in 1990 he was just a phony. Some suburban white faced phony. (M&M?!) How does stuff like this happen. I guess anyone involved with the big biz record industry is a phony. I still don’t get M&M and why does he spell is that way? He must be gay. What a disgrace to the gay community to have such an idiot be a part of their community. I hope he’s ousted like Vanilla was.

But anyways, back to Vanilla. It was pretty interesting how most people who had one-hit-wonders would just burn and fade away in to oblivion. Vanilla actually plays shows now and sells them out. And here in DC he sells out two nights in a row. Granted he is playing at JAXX which hosts washed-up bands like Slaughter, Poison and RATT. Still he deserves a few props. I don’t like the guy anyways, so as Kristen says, “He can suck it.”

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  • Well, mat, the big business record industry is despicable, but you know what? Most musicians don’t want tiny audiences or to be poor. Most musicians would like to make a living from their music. Even the guy from Fugazi would stop doing what he was doing if he couldn’t make a decent living.

    Not disagreeing with ya, blood, just expressin’. Eminem is wasting his talent with those evil-ass rhymes.


  • I thought you were gonna write about Mr. Van Winkle`s recent wife-beating charges, which further add to comparisons between him and Eminem. Also, I read that when he went on tour a few years ago to promote his “hardcore” rap album, folks were going to the shows to chant “Go ninja go!” I have a feeling a lot of people go to see him as a joke, like a few of my friends did when he came through here. Poor guy…his duet with Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang kicks some arse too.

  • Hey guys, Why you gotta cut on me like that? I was just another tool of the establishment. I’m a white man who was held down by the white man. I was used! Come see my show!

    Word to your mother.

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