mutant rats are too late

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It is just two more days and one more birthday under my belt. Wow…getting older is like a sickness. I have got to start enjoying this ‘old’ thing. Learning taxes and insurance and 401k is really just a headache. What did they do 200 years ago? That would have been simpler. But I guess it’s a toss up, because health care was pretty sucky then. Hmmm. It’s just a thought.

I got offered the gig at DC101. I think I am going to take it. They are very chill over there and I can do a lot of good to their website. Plus, can we say “CONCERT TICKETS!” I also hope it will hook me up with dope labels so eventually I can use that as a conduit for taking over the world and creating the AOL of a record label. Hey wait, I dont even wanna do that. What is wrong with me? I just wanna rock a little. Well, ok…hmmm, I wanna rock a lot, if I must be honest. It’s like a dream, no end and no begining as Madonna would say. I am gonna miss asking random people on the street to hire me.

So things are pretty chill here…I am just doing the do. I am still looking for a band. So if you like good music and know how to play good music, inquire within. Also anyone who knows a lot about digital cameras can you please contact me. I have many of questions to ask you!

There is new legislation in DC in declaring the War on Rats. Rats aren’t a good sign, but evidently there are a lot in DC now. The funny thing is that the legislation includes not only catching the rats, but the residents who are feeding them!!! Damn, you people! What is wrong with you feeding mutant city rats! Feed me instead!

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