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new years man!
Soundtrack of the weekend through today: June of 44’s tropics and meridians, U2’s new one, Sonic Youth’s hold that tiger, Built to Spill’s keep it like a secret, Weezer’s pinkerton, the Boss’ first one, Genesis’ invisible touch, The Dismemberment Plan’s emergency and i, Dinosaur Jr’s where have you been, James’ bsides collection, Soul Coughing 7-25-95 NYC, Glossary’s southern by the grace of location, The Beach Boys’ pet sounds, and The Who’s greatest hits. Wow…that was exhausting.

So Happy New Year! (Click on picture to see New Years Pics and the such)

I hope you all have made your resolutions and what not. I have made one that I won’t be telling people, because if I do, it wont happen. Why do we need a day to change ourselves anyways. We should do it cos we want to. Fuck the revolution. Or not.

We were supposed to get like 4 feet of snow this weekend.

We didn’t get a flake.

I am the belief that
…I had a great new years not partying like a lunatic with 50000000 people
…I didn’t need a party to be a lunatic this New Years
…We cooked dinner, ate brownies, and watched the ball on the boob tube
…I think Airplane was on later that night
…The Who at intensely loud volumes, increases the listening pleasure
…Awapy is a fun gal, sure can dye hair, and can talk to virtually anyone
Jessica sure knows how to cut my hair
…It’s so short!
…I feel like Gavin
…Frank looked like a young Vanilla Ice, at times
…I miss smoking pot
…I need to stop using the credit card so much
…My interview at DC101-FM was really great
…It turns out that I know two of the peeps at DC101 from high school
…that is wacky!
…I am going to NYC this weekend
…I am staying with a dope french man who has red hair
…Jesus was way cool
…I will have a $70 gift certificate coming my way from Circuit City
…That I want to buy a digital camera
…I have no clue which one to buy
…Maybe I’ll buy the purple one
…I haven’t written here in almost a week
…It’s about time
…I wish Kristen well and can’t wait to see her this weekend
…Thanks for a swell weekend.

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