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mat circa spring 2001 in the mirrorA young Jewish man calls his mother and says, “Mama, I’m bringing home a wonderful woman that I want to marry. She is a Native American and her name is – ‘Shooting Star.'” “How nice,” says his mother. “I have an Indian name too- it is ‘Sitting Bull.'” “You have to call me that from now on.” “How nice,” says his mother. “I have an Indian name now too, dear. Just call me “Sitting Shiva.”

Acquired CDs this weekend: Polvo celebrate the new dark age, New Order republic, Dinosaur Jr. BBC, The Delta 72 000 (thanks Jess), J Mascis and the Fog more light, Dub Narcotic Sound System Boot Party, Joy Division Closer. Yup that’s one major label CD!! And that one is New Order which is techincally only QUEST Records. They are only distributed by Warner Music. Blah Blah

This weekend was very rock. Chillin’ in south central Jersey man! Very cool. The Delta 72 was a great experience. I haven’t been to a really good show like that in a while. And it was a show because there was less than 150 people there. It was boarding on a seedy bar. And I could see the spit and sweat from the musicians on stage. Otherwise it’s a concert (ie. Enormo Dome). The opener for the Delta 72 was quite possibly the worst band ever known to mankind. They were called HEROIN STANK or something. Damn Philly band…hehe. They announced their band name after every song. They were so band they made me fart. The singer was even more annoying than the music. He wanted to be Scott Weiland, you know, that singer from Stone Temple Suck. Yeah, he really did! He was bare chested and wore a fur-type coat. And wore a Matt Dylan golfing hat. The only redeeming factor was the duct tape on the keyboards stand. That was pretty punk rock. Anyways…writing about this band is a little counter-productive so i will move on.

The Delta 72 was great. I had only heard their 2nd CD…but based on their JSBX/Stones/Blues-Revival/Soul riffs I knew they’d be energetic as all hell. They were. We got all the stereotypical rock kicks and jumps. The singer even got to his knees a few times. They brought back rock to the rock in rock. I missed that kind of rock. It made me want to rock in my own band more than ever. I felt that energy. I need to rock. Enquire within.

So in other news, just because I am the man of irony, I took home an MP3 player/recorder today from work. They had them sitting on the shelf near my desk and the player had been eye-ing me to take them home all last week. They were saying “Feed me communism!” Haha…I am going to give it to my Mother so she can use it for her classical music. She’ll get a kick out of it none the less.
I also found out today that one of my friends at DC101 also part-times at Bender Arena where Weezer is playing on friday in DC. So looks like I need not worry about not going! I was pissed that the cheesy alterna-rock station (not DC101) got dibbs on the station. I mean I guess it makes sense. But still. Who fucking cares anyways. I still get to see Weezer. Anyone else going? Anyone else have Jewish mother?

HOUSEKEEPING:: Click the pic to the upper right to see Pictures from the Delta 72 in Philly this weekend. And check out the dope-ass BBS we got going here.

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  • i do not have a jewish mother but i will be at weezer.

    who else is going?


  • ps what do you think of “republic?” regret! runied in a day! nice tunes. “brotherhood is still better in my opinion. go buy. also “low life”

    PS There s a tribute out which isnt too bad called “thieves like us” Most tributes suck ass, but I will giv this props foir being decent.

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