poor form

fuck you You’ll f-ing notice that this f-ing ticket is still completely unused.

You might be saying to yourself, ‘But, Elle! The concert was last night! Why did you pay $38.00 from TicketBastard if you weren’t even going to go!?! I am concerned.’

And I might be saying back to myself, ‘Fuck you.’

Today, I hate everything. Maybe even Amish people, and they haven’t done anything wrong.


2 Responses to “poor form”

  • elle! that’s terrible. come to louisville for the show on the 23th… it’s only $12 and we can hang out with travis. do it!

  • yeah, but think of it this way, i just spent 4500 on a new alternator, belts and brackets!!!

    oh, wait, that’s not a good thing. i forgot.

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