rythim is rythim

Mat or Astro Mat?!Tonight I was going to go to the Black Cat with Zethon. We both decided against it. Zethon didn’t take his old-age 5pm nap today and I couldn’t fall asleep at a decent hour last nite. So alas, our trip to Black Cat-Black Cat was cut short. So short, we only ended up to Tower Records. We also thought there how wonderful it would be to have kiosk’s with allmusic.com there. I seem to live by allmusic.com. It’s a wonderful resource and has very accurate information. Cross-referencing is keen as well. Makes me sick, infact.

So I picked up three discs. And spent $56.67. 5 whole dollars more than Zethon. But at least two of mine were double discs. I picked up Derrick May’s innovator. This is a quasi-greatest hits compiliation. I say quasi, cos he never really had a HIT(s), per se. This is really good bare-bones techno. It’s more of an extention of Kraftwerk, if anything. I have heard 3 tracks and have already fallen in love. The main reason I picked up this CD is that in all the books and documentaries I have read/seen on electronic and techno music they all come back to Juan Atkins and Derrick May. I thought, why not?! I’ve never see this disc in anyone’s respectable collection, so why not it be me! Do yourself a favor now. And know your roots, be it any kind of music.

Also purchased was a Man or Astro-Man? CD. I picked up A SPECTRUM OF INFINITE SCALE. Bottom line is that any band that will let you in for free to their show if you give them a black and white TV is cool with me. I like the spacey songs, the surf ones get real old really quick. Plus covering Pixies and using theremins are always a plus. Colorful artwork as well! Oh yeah, and two more words: TELSA COILS!

The last CD was Autechre. This is a bizzare outfit. It’s like clinks and clanks and buzzes with some organiZation, sometimes. Supposedly this is the Cadalac of new electronic music. My old (sketch) roomate (not joe nor gabe) listened to a lot of Autechre. In fact, that was all he listened too, bizzarely enough. And what he played I really liked. Innovative it was. Interesting is was. I think if you played this at loud volumes with decent subs you could kill someone. KILL KILL KILL.

So that was my tuesday night experience. Perhaps better than seeing LOW and LABRADFORD. Who knows. I surely was not in the mood to sleep through a show at the Black Cat though. Oh yeah, does anyone want to build me a tube amp for my stereo? I’ve built the pre-amp, but don’t have the time nor energy for the amp. I’ll be really nice to you, if you will! Or at least tell me where I can buy a decent one or one that is a mega easy kit! Word to the innovator.

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