lauren bacall

i wanna rock and roll all nite, and party every day!—-From the files of our own Miranda (the woman with the coolest name)

I’m having an IM conversation with a friend, and the talk turns to smoking.

Here’s some wistful reminiscence:

I need a cig break too. Just one, just one lonely little smoke…to inhale and then exhale.

.To carry the stresses of the day away.
.To smell like and resonate like an ashtray.

I think I’m going to write a poem about my missing smoking…

{An} ode to Camel Turkish Gold.

I don’t see the harm of social smoking, really.
I don’t see the harm in smoking actually.
I am not a non-smoking person. There are just different types of people and I just so happen to fall into the category of smoker.
One who smokes.
One with the nicotine, the fire, the earthly delights of RJ Reynolds.
I miss opening a brand new pack of cigarettes… There’s a subdivision of smokers; ones who “pack” their cigarettes and then {the} ones who don’t. I was a smoker who didn’t. I’d just get my new pack of Camel Turkish Gold, pull the little pull thinger, twist it around, open the top of the pack, take off the gold wrapping, flip it upside down and take one out, carefully light it my hand around it like a member and inhale for a moment only and then exhale, deeply, calmly, soothingly…like blowing out birthday candles every time.
I even miss the guy I bought them from; I pass by him every day.
And now cigarettes are down to $4.25 at his store…that was like a knife stabbing me when I saw that sign.

I think smoking has taken away a part of me. Smoking is me, it’s who I am
.Or was.

I had a dream about smoking last night.

I dreamt I was on the roof of Goldman Sachs riding around in a car with this crazy old woman who would only give me a menthol to smoke.
But I took it, and it was the best thing in the world. Just one she gave me, just one and that did the trick It’s just me daydreaming. Does it warrant one sneaky cigarette on a stupid holiday??

I think it does.

—-From the files of our own Miranda (the woman with the coolest name)

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