lemon lime

i wanna have some fun, move my body all night longSoundtrack of the day: Shellac, Halo Benders, Sebastian Bach, Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, Talking Heads, Glossary, Undertow, Sonic Blasphemy, & Self.

This week at the radio station is doing “Sewervivor.” Basically there are 4 (started with 6) people in an trailer-porta-john. They have to live there the longest with out ever leaving to win a trip to the real Survivor place in Australia. It’s a pretty great prize, but not worth it if you think about it. This contest will probably go on for 2-3 weeks. Which means you are loosing 2-3 weeks worth of pay. So I say: sleep in your own warm bed and take some vacation time!

The fun doesn’t end. They are provided with a morning feed of Spicy Chicken Wings and Chili. Today we gave them Fig Newtons as a treat. I went in there to document it. At first I was almost sickened to enter. But it really didn’t smell bad. It was really just very humid and hot from their body heat. I should prolly explain to you the set up. There is a common room and four potties around this room with 4 separate doors.

Tomorrow Elliot (the drive to work DJ) has invited our listeners (500,000+ on any given morning) to come to the Potty on our lawn and do their business. So tomorrow there are going to be hundreds of white trash men on our lawn at work. Fun! I love white trash-ness. Reminds me of my years in TN. Reminds me of how good I have it. Reminds me of my IQ and how it can double theirs. You can check out more of the happening’s here.

Friday I am getting together with Zethon to re-master/mix/record one of his old bands. This should be fun. I haven’t recorded someone elses music in almost two years so this will be great and a grand learning experience. My old studio professor once told me “You can’t polish a turd.” This is a fact. But you can make it a little less dull. If it smells though, it will smell for life.

What is all this whoooopla with Britney Spears. There was this one guy at work saying how he couldn’t stand her! What the… I am a straight guy. I do happen to like New Order, but that has nothing to do with my sexuality. Regardless, this guy at work didn’t like her and thought she was hein(ous). Wow! I think she is pretty tight. I’d definitely not kick her out. I mean, I don’t think I’d have great conversation like that with my Vixen, Zander. But hell, she’s a great treat to look out and touch if I had the opportunity. I can’t wait until she poses for Playboy! Come on Britney! We’re all waiting!

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