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i wanna dance with somebody, i wanna feel the heat with somebodySo out of the blue I get this email from this girl I barely know. Basically she is this old internet person I knew. We never really met up with one another until recently (past 6 months) The one common bond we (her, i, and this slew of people) had was this band we all used to like. Then there was a parting of ways, so to speak. Some people believed one thing and the other people believed another. She believed the other. Typical rock drama. And to top it off, she was a flat-out bitch to me and my site that I work relatively hard on and is something she can’t even do. She could have been cool, as these friends were just internet people and chilled like my favorite latin phrase (cum salis=with a grain of salt.) But she seemed to take it way too personal. Such is life. But the kicker here, is now she needs something from me. Ha! She wants to use my connections to this defunct band we all used to like! Ha! Here is the email:

From Mon Feb 12 07:43:21 2001
To: mat AT olympus-mons DOT com
Subject: [insert band name here] mp3s

hi hi! how are you?

a friend of mine runs, hes looking for some new stuff for the dnb section. do you have mp3’s of [insert band name here] he could put up? do you have [insert band member name #1] and/or [insert band member name #2] email?

People amaze me. People also have to scratch your back before you scratch back. And if they scratch too hard… It’s good she’s not trying to get a job from me! Because she’d be one unemployed mama jama. Whatever. I will check out this site maybe later this week to see if it will benefit their new band. But their emails! Ha! If she should have the emails for these people, she should have them already! It was probably just a ploy to get at my rare recordings of the said band. Maybe? Maybe not. Who cares.

In other news we are finally going to be able to do a re-vamp of the radio station’s website! Finally. It’s so dreadful now and there has been nothing I could do as it looks worse to mix dreadful with decent. It will look basically like when it’s done. We’re gonna get dope feeds for content as well! Sewervivor has started which meant I had to get up at 5am to be at work at 6am. But the funny thing is I love working at the radio station so much, I really don’t care, plus I get to leave at 2pm. Later this week i’ll also have to baby sit at weird hours. I think my hours are 6pm to midnight. But those days I just babysit the Sewervivor people I dont have to come in for work and will get free food, beer, drinks, cable, T1, and a music library the size of my kitchen! I love my jobby job. Major Market Rock Radio rocks my world. Except for the massive amounts of Deftones they play. The REM, Police and Social Distortion are a nice touch though.

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