new order

I picked up some cds today…a frank black cd, a sonic youth cd (SYR4), a get up kids cd and a live new order cd. Why is it that people associate New Order with gay people. For example, if i was at my old work and was listening to say New Order’s republic, the people walking by would probably tihnk I was gay. It’s not like I was on all fours taking it from behind and wearing daisy dukes. I just like their music. So why do people associate it with gay-ness. Is UK electro-dance-pop considered a gay culture thing? How did that happen? What is up with that? Also the singer was always rumored to be gay. But he has a wife. Sure he could be gay and still have a wife (IE. Hillary Clinton) but it’s all too bizzare. New Order = Gay Music = If you listen to it, you are gay. So I guess I am gay. I also like the Pet Shop Boys which definately means I am gay. “I like anal. But in fact I don’t think I would. But being the gay man I am, I guess I would have to. Pet Shop Boys + New Order + Daisy Dukes = Big Gay Mat.

This weekend was fun. Friday night we were going to the 930 Club to see the Stereophonics, but Jess decided against it, perhaps from my hints not to go. Then Addy, Jess and myself decided to go to see Hannibal. It was good. In fact it was one of the better movies i’d seen in a while. There was even Lay Liota eating his own brain in it! There was also some vomit that missed the trash can outside of the theatre! Yum! Saturday was chill…Addy, Jess and myself went to the ghetto to go thrift store, art, and photo shopping. Saturday night we were all supposed to see Luna at 930 Club, but got back from dinner too late to even think about going out there. Plus i heard traffic getting in to DC was absolutely out of control from the NBA shit in DC. I have been back home from school for almost a year now and still haven’t been back to 930 Club…weird. Saturday Night Live had Jennifer Lopez on it. Wow. I must say she is cute, but her butt is not all that it is hyped to be. I was hoping for some Puffy jokes. Damn the man. I bet the man is gay and likes New Order and anal!

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  • yo- i want to get tickets to see sebastian on broadway in “dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.”

    broadway! sebastian! and he’s married to an adult actress/playboy model, like all good heavy metal boys should be! what a stallion!


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