poverty pooh doo

About 30 minutes before I left for work my Colin came up to me and asked if i could find an image of poo and stick it behind the kangaroo for a graphic. No problem. Little did I know…I spent the next 20 minutes looking for pictures of pooh. I am really looking for a sillohette of pooh. Maybe a cartoon picture of pooh. Is it really that hard to find pooh on the internet? The internet is filled with mullet pages, yet there is no poo!!! What is up with that. If you know of any pooh, send it my way! Please.

I got the new Collective Soul CD today. I listened all the way thru cos i am giving new music a try. It sucked right thru. The interesting point was a MORPHINE cover. Mega odd! It was like hardrock/metal MORPHINE! Just imagine if NO DOUBT covered a Joni Mitchell song!

In other news I went to dinner with the Mom’s like we always do now on tuesdays. I ate my eggwich on the chocolate chip bagel and had two potato pancakes. Then we chilled and talked about me wanting to be a awesome housewife. The problem is that i’d have to marry a lawyer, doctor or professional of a women who could support us all. I typically like the musicians, artists and photographers. I am doomed to a life of poverty or a 9-5 job. But seriously, i’d love to be the house wife and clean toilets and pick up the kids. As long as the wife brought home the cash so I could buy toys, i’d be a happy camper!

Then I came home and pooped. Then I pooped again. I shouldn’t have eaten two of those potato pancakes!

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