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It was only a few years ago when the staple of my life was making mix tapes. Un-wrapping those high bias cassette tapes was the dopest feeling ever. There was something about that gold cellophane and that gray enclosure for the tape that did it for me. Has this become exstinct from the revolution (or so they say) with digital media?

The irony here is that back then, I’d make a mix tape for someone (typically a girl, cos we all know and love the poon) and typically if all went well, you’d get one in return. There were the girls that didn’t know better. The girls that learned. And the girls that can’t even fathom knowing better. Luckily I never dated the later. I forget where the irony comes in…if it comes to me i will keep you posted.

Anyways. The girl that didn’t know better was the girl that put stickers all over the cassette tape so it would look pretty. They typically used one of those blank tapes that was just laying around. Maybe had the inserts (to us of the cassette-tape elite: j-cards) and maybe had the label stickers as well. Boohoo. She should have known better. But don’t they all! It’s ok, cos it only gets worse.

Girl two is the one that learned or will learn. There is nothing better than a girl who learns, or better yet, enjoys learning. Luckily most of my girlfriends in the past were quick learners. I have no patience for ladies who don’t respect their music with high bias (quality tapes). So yeah, these girls are the girls that are willing to trying something new and perhaps learn something new in the process. Oh, the days…

The final girl is the one that found her tape for your mix in the back seat of her car (ie. the girl that can’t even fathom knowing better). It has probably been sun-tainted and drenched in water or beer or whatever beverage of choice she drank. Yes, that message about it being bad for a video tape to be left in the sunlight means it could be just as bad for a cassette tape too!

Basically my quam is if you are spending the time to make a mix tape for someone you care about or even if you don’t care about them, at least make sure you use quality media. Buy a TYPE II (or a chrome) tape. Basically there are two kinds of tapes for consumers. Typie I and Type II. Type I are normal bias and are basically your KMart special. 3 for 99cents. Don’t ever buy these tapes….CRAP! Like badly recorded CD-Rs, these are called “coasters.” TYPE II’s are nicer and respected for cassettes…MAXELL XLII’s and TDK SA’s are my flavor or choice. Basically cassette tapes do have limitations. Type I’s have a lot of limitations and are generally poorly made and Type II have fewer limitations and are generally made better. Better meaning, better physical tape, shell and transport. Hence the reason why Type II’s are better. Do yourself and flavor and the one you choose to make the musical mix of love. Remember sometimes it’s not about the music, but it’s more about the quality of the reproduced sound. Ok, maybe it’s not, but hell, it damn well better sound good when you listen to it at least to me.

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  • all this talk about those tapes made me remember the smell… you know, now that i think about it, making tapes is quite a bit more fun than burning cds. it’s more of an ongoing process, you know?

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