halo bender

halo benders- k recordsWell since no one else posts on this page anymore besides me, I guess i’ll post. Elle- my people will be calling your people shortly. However, today was a great day. One of the promo guys and I were talking and the subject came to CDs. He intruduced me to the infamous CD Closet at the radio station! Yeah! Finally I can reap the benefits! From the mainstream drivel, I found a few CDs that I could either stand or had cool colors in their CD spine to add some flavor to my library. CDs acquired:

  • Rage Against the Machine – battle of los angeles
  • Rage Against the Machine – renegade
  • David Grey white – ladder
  • SR-71 – now you see inside (beautiful yellow spine)
  • OASIS – standing on the shoulder of giants (to see what all the whoopla is about)
  • Alice in Chains – live (nothing is better than that song from the singles soundtrack)
  • Lenny Kravitz – GH (can you believe he has a greatest hits after that Guess Who song! I can’t believe the music industry hasnt blacklisted him for that one.)
  • U2 – the new one (one for Jessica and one for my Mother)
  • REM – the great beyond single thing

HALO BENDERS (on K records) came in the mail today. So that one really good CD of indie rock will even out with the major label drivel. Is that formula correct? He actually has a really cool or at least interesting MP3 of the day on his site. Check it out when you are done here. He didn’t think I’d like it. I did…it was something I’d never expect him to like. But none the less, we both impress each other daily. Maybe we’ll get married someday.

Things are really coming together at work. I am fitting in really well. I love the people. I love the attitudes. I love the computer. I love my squishy keyboard and mouse wristy things. I love hearing sounds all day. Be it good or bad, at least it’s sound. I like some of the music. I don’t like a lot of it. But either way, I am learning about new music. I actually really like that new Rage Against the Machine song. Dope bass. And the stuff that guitarist comes up with is un-godly!

I was going to go to this movie premere tonight in DC, but everyone canceled on me or had better things to do. I guess it’s best to not have friends. Then you can’t ever be disapointed. Only yourself can do that then. And I never do that. So everyone can “suck it” as Kristen always so eloquently states.

The URL of the week is NAKEDNEWS.COM. We looked at this at work for hours today. Check it! It’s the news, but given by naked women. What a better way to learn the news. The news has never been so informative. The invention of the wheel is spare change compared to this site. Get your learn on and enter the new poll for February!

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  • damn “god don’t make no junk” is a really good record. its where doug martsch goes just straight up rock and roll. and i saw nakednews once. the girls didn’t mention they were naked until the weather girl just shot out “the weather looks really cold, FROM MY VAGINA!”, it was really random. and then at the end i was horrified when one woman said she would continure broadcasting throughout her pregnancy, poor kid.


  • gossip gossip:

    your name was straight up on elliott’s show this morning. he likes you a lot man. he wants to know why your parents smoked so much dope that you were only given one “t” with your name. are you poor?




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