sell it to the butcher in the store

Good songs heard today on the radio: Ball and Chain by Social Distortion, Message in a Bottle by the Police, Everlasting Love by the Drifters…

Today I had to wake up early to take photos of a Capital’s (they are DC’s hockey team) team member that came in. I can’t remember what position he plays. He came in to talk with the morning crew in an interview. He also shaved the main guy’s (Elliot) head. The morning crew will be broadcasting live from Dave and Buster’s tomorrow morning. There they will be shaving 300 heads. All the hair will be donated to people with cancer who just had kemo. Now that is a cool thing to do. What the hell can anyone ever say they did? Donating your hair to someone that lost it to kemo rocks in my book. Word up.

So as usual, Mom and I went out for dinner tonite. It was awesome. We got to thinking about Parents these days. We concluded most parents suck. Parents who don’t raise their kids, but hire a “nanny” or do day care are the roots of all evil. Remember Columbine?! I can assure you those kids were not brought up with a parent that was home. Sure I know that the mother or father may want to have a career. That is totally understandable. But don’t fucking have a kid if YOU can’t raise it.

In other news…um, well there really isn’t much else going on. I was on TV yesterday. Fox5 is doing this thing called “Boot Camp” all week and DC101 chose the contestants. I went in yesterday to take photos of the contestants…I actually at one point had to get my ass out of the way so I wouldnt be in the shot with the damn annoying blonde news person. She was soooooo annoying. She’d yell and be stupid. I was feeling the embarassment she should have felt. Sometimes I hate TV people so much. I never understood why people got attitudes after just a few people start watching them…sometimes it’s even just cos they are cute. That is the worst of all worsts…I am not a big Doors fan, but i truely respect Jim Morrison for growing that big ass beard to ward off all the girls that thought he was “cute.”

PS. Today’s Latin Phrase is: festina lente (which means: make haste slowly)

PPS. “There’s only one difference between Catholics and Jews. Jews are born with guilt, and Catholics have to go to school to learn it.” -Elayne Boosler

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